Your Consultation with the Doctor

Your initial consultation with Dr Knudsen takes approximately 30 minutes. During this period Dr Knudsen will discuss both medical and surgical treatment options available to you. Each patient's treatment plan is individualised and depends upon your age, extent of hairloss and desired outcome. A video microscope may be used to demonstrate the degree of thinning if required and a treatment plan will be offered and fully costed. No referral from a GP is required. You are welcome to schedule a second consultation if you feel you need to seek more information. A comprehensive brochure will be provided at the time of your consultation.

Discover all the surgical hair loss treatment and non-surgical hairloss treatments options available to you to help treat your hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a no obligation hair restoration consultation at The Knudsen Clinic.

Skype Consultations
If you can’t make it into the clinic to see the Doctor in person because you live to far away from our clinic locations, we offer Skype consultations for you. Dr Knudsen offers these consultations at the cost of $50 and they take approximately half an hour depending on how many questions you may have for him. All the same treatments will be offered to you, as they would if you came in to see the Doctor in person. It is easy to set up and these appointments can be made on PH: 1800 685 399.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion.

Hairloss Treatment

Free Online Consultation

The online consultation form below presents a number of questions regarding the current extent of your hairloss and any history of hairloss in your family. Please take the time to fill out this online consultation form accurately, as the information you provide will greatly help Dr Knudsen in preparing for your in-person consultation. Rest assured that all medical information you provide is forwarded directly to Dr Knudsen and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If, at any stage, you have questions or wish to speak directly with someone at Dr Knudsen's Hair Transplantation Clinic,
please call the clinic nearest to you: Sydney: (02) 9363 9308, Melbourne: (03) 9867 6255 or Australia wide: 1800 685 399.

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